Rocky Lane Orchard

Some of our apple varieties
Discovery is one of the most popular English early apples. It is grown commercially on a small scale in the UK, because unlike almost all other early apple varieties it has a reasonable shelf-life - perhaps a week or so. It is quite widely available in the UK in late August and early September.
Discovery can have a hint of strawberry flavour, although this is very variable. The colours are a fresh yellow-green, usually with dark red patches where the sun has caught it. 

Cox. This is the classic English apple, often regarded as the finest of all dessert apples. It arose in England in the 19th century as a chance seedling, and has inspired apple lovers ever since. It remains unsurpassed for its richness and complexity of flavour.

Spartan is a small sweet apple, and a great favourite with children. It is very much a "McIntosh" style apple, bright crimson skin and whiter-than-white flesh. We leave ours on the tree as long as possible, until they are crimson all over, as this allows the flavour to develop. Straight from the tree the flesh is very crisp and juicy, but it softens a bit within a week or so of picking - although remaining juicy. A good variety for juicing.

- More than 7,500 apple varieties are grown world wide
- Apples are believed to have originated in Caucasus a mountainous region  
  between the Black and Caspian seas.
- Apples are regarded as the forbiden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge in the  
  Garden of Eden
- Newton discovered gravity by watching by watching an apple fall from a tree
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