Rocky Lane Orchard
Orchards are home to a wide range of wildlife. We believe that our organic principles are essential to promote farming  and the environment.Our aim is to sustain a traditional English Orchard. We believe that our principles sustain crucial habitat for flora and fauna.

Orchards should bring people and wildlife together. Our  farming methods have revived and maintained many skills from prunning and grafting to retaining old apple pear and cobnut varieties.
Our policy of no chemical spraying has enhanced our bird habitats.

Honey bees also thrive. Honey bees are very important to us in that they pollinate the trees and they also produce delicious honey. At our orchard we have eliminated one of the major threats to bees, that of toxic chemicals.

Planting trees is also an essential part of sustaining the environment and at our Orchard we have strong principles in sustaining the existing trees some of which are over one hundred years old to planting new ones.

We believe in a truly sustainable orchard environment promoting the growth of not just apple trees but also pear plum cobnut walnut trees as well as the growth of many traditional trees such as the Oak and Ash trees and many pine varieties.
Our activities are about the promotion of the fruit, the wildlife, the culture and heritage an orchard provides.  All these activities are interlinked and vital to our environment.
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