Rocky Lane Orchard

Autumn time is a favourite season at the Orchard. This is harvest time. This is the time when the Orchards yield their apple crop. Apple pickers with specially made apple buckets strapped from their shoulders make their way through lines of low apple trees  picking  all sizes of apples from the bountyfull trees. The ripe crop is then placed in wooden boxes ready to be sent for apple juicing.  Before juicing  the fruit is carefully selected. Twigs and odd rotten fruit is discarded. The carefully selected fruit is then lifted into a float tank where the apples are washed and after that a pulping machine chops them into small pieces. The apple mash is  filled into cheese cloths which  are then placed in a large press. When they are pressed litre upon  litre of apple juice is extracted which is stored in  the juice tanks. In the large juice tanks ascorbic acid is added to prevent oxidization and the juice is then tested to detect contamination, ph, sediment patichulin and vitamin C. Once the juice is  tasted and passes all the scientific tests it is pasteurised and stored.

Our apple juice varieties depend on the season we have had.  Quite unreservedly we guard our strict quality standards. We only use our Organic English Apple varieties  grown on our Orchards which are annually inspected by the Soil Association. Depending on the season we have had some apple juice varieties may be plentiful whilst others may not. We do not buy or use in any apples grown outside our Orchards.  The characteristic of each batch of apple juice made is truly unique - Discovery with its red skin delivers a clean sweet  pink juice  (the darker pink being the later pressed juice in September and October) Bramley being very dry.

       Order apple juice Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.30 pm on    01491   628716

               Free delivery within a 15 mile area of the Orchard. 
             Outside this area delivery charges may apply.

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